Kira Belin

Audio/Visual Composer

Kira Belin is a composer and a sound designer working across the disciplines of soundscape studies, immersive installations, and audio-visual composition. Her aesthetics is focused on the relationships between sound, form, image and functionality of sound in space. With a background in visual arts, she later attended a Film Scoring course at the Juilliard School of Music and acquired a Master's Degree in Sonic Arts from the University of Glasgow. Kira has partaken in performing arts residencies at the Whitney Museum of American Art (2012) and Metropolitan Museum of Art (2013, 2014). Her audio-visual and acousmatic compositions have been exhibited at the Sensei and Spotte galleries in NYC & CCA, Glasgow, as well as presented at international sound festivals in UK, Germany, USA and Mexico.
Kira's skills vary from electro-Acoustic Composition, Sound Design & Effects and Sound Supervision to Audio editing & mixing for film, TV & radio/podcast, Animation & Motion graphics and Projection Mapping.
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Reel from kira belin on Vimeo.

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