Yannis Zafeiriou

Writer / Director / Editor

Yannis' filmmaking projects have included music videos, documentaries, short and feature films, commercials as well as a 3D animation planetarium show. Yannis is known for his unique and passionate storytelling style that often infuses a little sense of fantasy, science-fiction and the supernatural into the ordinary lives of the characters in his films and videos. He strives to create intense, emotionally engaging stories in various genres, narratives and media, while always embracing new and emerging technologies.


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The Demonic Hour - In Case of Exorcism / Director & Editor
Ride or Die - Trailer / Editor
Timi Yuro - As Long As There Is You (PH)2 Remix / Writer, Director & Editor
We Govern We - Sunshine / Writer, Director & Editor
Idra Kayne - Love, Love / Writer & Director
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