Minas Minatsis

Head of Marketing and Content

Μinas is a Strategic Marketing and Content Director. With 11 years of experience in the advertising and media industries, Minas has been providing strategic and tactical leadership with an emphasis on driving sales, creating and curating marketing content and experiences through innovative marketing and content strategies, creative storytelling and a disruptive omnichannel implementation. 

Pavlos Linos

Digital Marketing Strategist

Pavlos leads our Digital Marketing team and creates digital strategies that bring value and a high ROI for our clients. He has a deep knowledge of the internet marketing environment and use analytics and data to set achievable goals, while continuously working on optimizing the process. Pavlos has worked with many small, medium and big sized clients ranging from known fashion Brands, & major auto manufacturers to commercial products as well as politicians.

Amir Bakhtiar

Marketing & Communications

Amir is Marketing & Communications coordinator managing marketing Communications strategies, brand introductions/associations and partnerships, internal communication programs, community management as well as corporate social responsibility.

Liv Vaisberg

Creative Director / Strategist

Liv is a specialist in lobbying for the creative industries, with over ten years’ experience. She is known for her strategic advice on lobbying and communication in the field of cultural policies and her copyright expertise. Besides this, she has been the driving force behind several major arts events. These include Crossroads in London, a new design fair in Brussels Collectible, the European edition of New York’s Independent art fair, and POPPOSITIONS art fair in Brussels.

Savas Hayri

Production Manager / Casting Director

Savas has worked for many years as a production manager for still and video shoots internationally. He is also an experienced casting director always working inline with the given creative direction and brand identity.

Anete Auzina

Studio Manager & Creative Producer

Anete is a Studio Manager and Creative Producer working alongside Content directors to ensure a high quality of work is consistently being produced across a high volume of assets.


Creative Producer

Ksenia is a Client Communications Manager and a Creative Producer working alongside our creative and production teams to ensure a high quality work is consistently being produced across a high volume pd assents. With a bicontinental living and a varied background in filmmaking, Ksenia is an expert in film and video productions.

Marina Nikoletopoulou

Communications and Media Strategist

Marina Nicoletopoulos is a Communications and Media consultant. Marina design- maps projects or events for brands and artists, strategizes 360 communications, offers international brand consultancy, image management.

Having worked in London, Athens, Geneva, Paris and New York for over 14 years in marketing and coms, she has gained extensive experience in business and brand development. Marina materializes concepts across a variety of media, provides strategic communication plans, organizes activation events, facilitates partnerships and drives VIP relations.

The emphasis of her work is on building new brands, increasing sales, opening new markets, curating unique brand experiences, and producing visual content. Always with disruptive beliefs, she synthesizes abstract inputs and creates plans for brand communications, detailed oriented, driving key business decisions.

She has successfully operated in a handful of industries in the Luxury Sector, such as Fashion, Lifestyle, Art (Photography, and Asia Contemporary Art), Real estate and conferences. Creating customized plans via independent project management, she forms teams of commissioned experts to deliver particular projects.